About Staddon-Cain Scholarships

The Staddon-Cain scholarship is given to an individual who intends to continue in Catholic Education  

The general rules as listed below are in effect according to the By-Laws of the Council   Funds: Article VII, Section 6, Item (b)

The grants for candidates are for the purpose of continuing their Catholic Education and are to be determined annually in May or June.

Candidates are to be selected according to the following:

  • First, Council members and their families
  • Second, Holy Cross Parishioners
  • Third, Friends of the Church and Community

The selection committee will consider the candidates history both scholastically as well as service to both church and community. Also the college or university to be attended. (Whether they have been accepted or have just applied)

Any unusual hardships pertaining to the family.

The extra curricular activities of the applicant.

Unusual abilities of the applicant.

Any other unusual events or awards received by the candidate.

All entries must be submitted by April 1st.

Send applications to:

The Knights of Columbus Council 8509  
Holy Cross Church  
616 South Cherry St.  
​Kernersville, NC  27284