2022-2023 Officers


Faithful NavigatorSK Dennis MachugaContact Faithful Navigator
Faithful FriarFr Noah Carter S.T.L.[email protected]
Faithful CaptainSK Chuck Tierney 
Faithful AdmiralSK Pete Pulice 
Faithful ScribeSK Carl Darkes 
Faithful ComptrollerSK Jim ForemanContact Faithful Comptroller
Faithful PurserSK Jean Dion 
Faithful PilotSK Al Livelsberger 
Inner SentinelSK David Kempka 
Outer SentinelSK Bruce Wagner 
Trustee (3 Year)SK Tony Belline 
Trustee (2 Year)SK Bob Yuzuik Sr 
Trustee (1 Year)SK Matt Mahler 
Faithful Color Corps Commander*SK Steve Salvitti              *not voted 


Meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Commons

Knights of Columbus in the Fourth Degree have long been recognized as the "Order on Main Street" by virtue of their formal attire, and swords. Wearing of the Tuxedo sets the standard for excellence of which we expect from ourselves.

The principal of the Fourth Degree is Patriotism and in the Catholic sense may be defined as love of God and love of country. Embodied in love of our God and love of our country is the need to defend our faith and our country. In this context lies the symbolism of the sword. Let us keep it bright for liberty's sake. Aside from defense against evil, the sword has been traditionally used to guard, pay tribute, honor and respect to those whom we love and hold in the highest esteem. The arch then is really a salute to those who pass within .