Honey Bee Festival August 19,2023

Staddon Cain Scholarship Winner 2023  Emilee Harrell

May 20, 2023 - K of C Golf Outing fund raiser

Dash Game July 4th 2022

Dash Game July 4th 2022 continued

VBS Cookout - KofC 8509 - June 24,2022

WGN $500 Check Presentation to Shepard Center June22,2022

WGN $500 Check Presentation to Next Step June22,2022

Staddon Cain scholarship winners 2022-2023

Crucifix stand made by Al Livelsberger for Columbiettes 

​​Cleaning the Picnic Tables at the Pavilion on Sept 19, 2020

First Degree Ceremony for Evan Kubiak on 02/18/2020

Pasta Fundraiser for Our Deacon Tim & Family Dec. 13, 2019 at Holy Cross

Dinner with Fr Carter at J. Buttlers, Sept. 23, 2019

Fourth Annual Altar Server Bowling Party - August 11, 2019

1st Annual Fr Michael McGivney Birthday Bash - August 10, 2019

VBS Cookout - KofC 8509 - July 19, 2019

Honor Guard at Bob Lundergan's Funeral, Feb 12, 2019

KofC Pancakes Breakfast Crew, April 8, 2018

Tarzan at Kernersville Little Theater on June 23, 2017

Fish Fry, Salesian Hall, Friday night, March 24,2017

The winners of the Holy Cross  Catholic Church 2016 Awards

Third Degree Ceremony on Saturday October 29 2016

Winston-Salem 2014 Air Show
Four New 4th Degree Knights - Oct. 20, 2012
The new Sir Knights are:  Mike Mastrolia, Dennis Machuga, Pete Pulice, Andy Harley.
Also Andy's grandfather, Harry Renton, become a Sir Knight as well.  He is from PA where they do not hold exemplification until they have sufficient numbers.
Misc. Photo's
(Photo's courtesy of Fred Hogan)

Columbian Award for Programs & Founders Award Sept '23

Pat O'Doherty, District Deputy, of the Knights of Columbus has presented to Holy Cross council 8509 the Columbian Award for outstanding Programs and Founders award for meeting insurance quotas. Awards were accepted by Grand Knight David Kempka.

Star Council 2021-2022

Star Council 2003-2004

Council 8509 Website - 3rd Place in the State Competition 2019-20

Council 8509 Charter Officers, Past Awards Display & Deceased Members Plaque 

Charity Council Award - 2018/19
Congratulations to Pete Pulice and all members of Council 8509 for achieving this award.

5 Awards Council 8509 received during the 1st half of 2018-19
2nd Place Faith, 3rd Place Life, 4th Place LAMB, 4th Plae Communuty & 5th Place Family

Star Council Building Fraternal Momentum Award to Robert Yuzuik - Jan 11, 2019
Charter Member awards and the Council Columbian award for 2017-2018

(Presented at the 2018 Christmas Potluck party on Dec. 18, 2018)

LAMB Foundation Certificate to Council 8509 for Top-Rated Nonprofit organization

Council 8509 Named Employee of the Month At WS Dash - May 2018

KofC 98th Annual Convention May 4&5 2018

Council Awards 2017-18

Council Awards 2016-17

Council Awards 2012-13

Council Awards - 1983 through 2009