Council Activities

Some of the activities of our council:

•Numerous breakfasts, dinners, dances, and other fundraisers with all proceeds donated to charities.

•Wheelchair ramp for Deacon Tim

•Operation LAMB: raised over $200.000 for the mentally challenged over the years

•Support seminarians each year

•Remodeled/repaired church properties

•Highway clean-up program

•Youth programs

•Staddon-Cain scholarship

•Red Cross Blood drive

•Food for Africa

•Relief to Haiti through the Oblates

•Ongoing support for Room at the Inn. Peace Goods. Shepherds Center. Soup Kitchen. Operation LAMB. Crisis Control. and others

•Special fund drives to support individual parishioners in times of distress.

•Run various youth programs.

•Sponsor Troop and Cub Scout pack

•Knights serve as leaders in the Catholic church serving on Parish Council and on many other committees and groups. and as religious ed. Teachers, Ushers, Lectors, Eucharistic ministers, Sacristans, etc.

…and many more

When you attend one of our functions or participate in our fundraisers. you support dozens of worthy charities!

Better yet, join us!