Annual Council Dues

Council Annual Dues Policy

Each Member shall pay annual dues of $35.00, to be payable by the first regular meetings in January. The annual dues of Members shall be an amount as approved by the Council, excepting (Insured Members under 26 years of age whose dues shall be one-half that sum,). Honorary Members shall pay $10.00, and Honorary Life Members shall pay nothing. To be an Honorary Member, a Brother Knight must have 25 years of continuous membership and is 65 years of age. To be an Honorary Life Member, a Brother Knight must have 25 years of continuous service and be at least 70 years of age.

Except as above stated, the dues of Associate and Insurance Members shall be the same.

Any Member who is disabled by bodily injuries or disease and is thereby prevented from engaging in any occupation or employment for remuneration or profit and shall have been so prevented for a period of no less than six consecutive months may, on due request in writing to the Supreme Council and upon certification by evidence satisfactory to the Supreme Council of such disability, be relieved from the payment of all Council dues and Supreme and State per capita taxes as of the date of approval of said request and any suspension of such member for non-payment of such dues and tax shall cease as of the date of such approval.

Application for relief under Section 118(e) shall be made as follows: 1. The Application, Form 1831, shall be completed by the Member and attested to by the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary.